Comedy Night



Mike Cotayo is most at home on stage. His high-energy performances and quick wit have been captivating audiences for many years. Once he steps onstage all bets are off. He easily feeds off the crowd’s energy. A master of crowd-work no one, not even Mike, knows what's going to come out of his mouth. Even Baron Vaughn of Netflix's Gracie and Frankie has dubbed Mike 'The Paula Poundstone of his Comedy Generation,' less for his drinking problem, and more for his spontaneity with audiences. Mike competed and won Amateur Night At The Apollo in 2002. He has been featured on XM’s “The Opie & Anthony Show” where he gained quite a following. Mike has been featured on ABC, NBC, Comcast, Sirius XM, and Howard Stern TV. Mike is releasing a live Pay-Per-View Comedy Special at the end of this month, which will be released on DH OneTV Network, Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV.


BOB DIBUONO (Co-Headliner)

Bob DiBuono has established himself as one of the most dynamic acts on stage. With a sarcastic and edgy wit coupled with a high energy and animated delivery, he exposes the absurdities in life, his family and the social conscious. The versatility of being able to go in and out of original characters along with dead-on impersonations heightens this unique act! Bob DiBuono just appeared on GOTHAM LIVE ON AXS TV and has also been seen on MTV, E!, CNN, FOX’S RED EYE, GOOD DAY NY, OPIE AND ANTHONY and BOB AND TOM radio. He was a regular on the JIM BREUER Show on SIRIUS and has been seen in numerous TV commercials. Bob currently is based out of NYC and headlines around the country.


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