Season 12: Plays & Musicals

March 20 - April 18, 2021

stop/time: before time stopped
a documentary film

"stop/time - before time stopped" is a look back at how one person’s dream and one random act of kindness changed the lives of many.

In 2004, a dream turned into a reality. Seventeen years later, stop/time dance theater is still going strong. It would take more than a global pandemic to keep this group of performers from pursuing their passion. They may not be together on stage but they’re still finding a way to bring their story to the Playhouse on Park audience.

stop/time dance theater website


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Performance Schedule


Running Time: 30 min.

Single Ticket Buyers:

Stream-at-home tickets are $20 per stream, plus processing fees. Upon purchasing a ticket, you will receive a code to access the stream. The code is intended for the purchaser only. You will be able to access the film from March 20 - April 19 only.



You have two options - you'll be contacted via email by our Box Office to see which option works best for you.

1. Stream the production online. As a subscriber, you'll receive an email from our Box Office, which will contain a link and access code. You can access the stream anytime from March 20 - April 18. You MUST watch it during this window. It will expire promptly at 11:59pm on April 19.

2. Schedule an appointment to come to the Playhouse between March 20 - April 18, and watch it on our screen. Only people in your quarantine bubble can purchase a ticket or use their subscription ticket to attend with you. Concessions will not be open; you may bring your own. As a subscriber, you'll also receive extras: links to educational & informational supplements, initiatives, events and activities which will be offered to enhance your experience.

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How it Started

"my show", 2004


How it's Going

"Real to Reel", 2019



The 2021 Company Members

Ali Barney
Lisa Caffyn
Jen Chekovetes
Beckie Correale
Amelia Flater
Amanda Forker
Connie Gobeille
Rick Fountain
Shannon L’Heureux
Meredith Longo
Laurie Misenti
Erica O’Keefe
Sheri Righi
Melissa Shannon
Lisa Steier
Tori Mooney
Alicia Voukides
Courtney Woods


Lisa Abate, Miranda Abate, Mike Barker, Shari Boyaji
Randy Boyd, Bethany Borovicka, Kimmie Borovicka
Sean Caffyn, Kim Canning, Lynsey Chartier, Terry Clark
Carolyn Cumming, Mallory Cunningham, John Curtis
Marc D’Amato, CJ Dash, Greg Dassonville, Deb Dittmar
Ashley Dionne, Hillary Ekwall, Danielle Fearon, Tristan Flater
Jessica Foster, Julia Fountain, Gretchen Fountain, Lisa Garofalo
Annie Grantham, Kevin Gonzalez, Christine Higgins, Tyler Knowlin
Lois Krause, Paula Kuenzler, Becky LaBombard, Shaun LaFramboise
Michelle Makar, Tiana Mancuso, Matt Marrero, Erica Misenti
Michelle Mobbs, Michael Morgan, Arlene Norman, Eileen Oconnor
Ben Otto, Spencer Pond, Tricia Raymond, Foster Reese, Madison Righi
Jonathan Root, Gail Schoppert, Jason Schusterman, Toni Sefter
Manon Shannon, Noreen Shugrue, Jacob Silver, Chris Stone
Mary Ann Thomas, Lyssa Wilson, Nik Zoller

Related Info

stop/time dance theater would not exist if not for our original producer Patty Fox. Her generosity helped fund a dream.

See also: stop/time dance theater website



John O’Neill

Sound Mixing by:
Lucas Clopton

Michael Hinton

Archival Videographer:
Robert Nanna

Special Thanks To

Mollie Cook
Johann Fitzpatrick
Michael Hinton
Aaron Hochheiser
David Lewis
Eileen Oconnor
Sean Pallatroni