Playhouse on Park is managed under the direction of Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc.  Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. All donations made to any of the following funds are 100% tax deductible.  Checks can be mailed to Playhouse on Park, 244 Park Road, West Hartford, CT 06119 or you can donate online by clicking here.

General Fund for Playhouse on Park
Tickets sales only cover 50% of what it takes to run a theatre. The remainder needs to be raised through individual donations, foundation grants, sponsorship and fundraising events. Please consider a donation to our unrestricted general fund and support live theatre and arts education. Please make checks payable to Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc.

The Playhouse on Park Wish List Fund
The Playhouse keeps a perpetual wish list of items that are needed, but not always a top priority. Operating needs often keep us from purchasing things we would like to have...someday. The Playhouse on Park Wish List Fund has been created to ensure our "wishes do come true!" The fund is strictly used to purchase items on the Wish List. Please make checks payable to The Playhouse on Park Wish List Fund. If you want to donate something directly from the wish list you can view our wish list here.

The Angie Ponist Memorial Fund
Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. has established The Angie Ponist Memorial Fund at the request of her family. The fund was established at the time of her passing, June 17, 2012. Family and friends have been encouraged to donate to this fund in lieu of flowers. This is a restricted fund. All monies donated to this fund are to be used strictly toward underwriting the costs affiliated with stop/time dance theater, Playhouse on Park's Dance Company in residence. Angie was the mother of co-founder and co-artistic director Darlene Zoller. Please make checks payable to The Angie Ponist Memorial Fund.

Donate Stock or Mutual Funds to Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc. 
Why donate stock or mutual funds? Your deduction for a donation of shares of stock or mutual funds to charity is equal to the fair market value of the donated property. Thus a gift of appreciated shares that have been held more than one year, allows you not only to save on your taxes once, but twice. If you sell the appreciated shares on your own, you would have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation. By donating the appreciated stock, you avoid paying the capital gains taxes on the appreciation. You still get a deduction for the full market value of the stock donated, and Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc / Playhouse on Park receives the full value of the stock, and as a charitable organization we don't pay any taxes, when we sell it. 

So if you plan to make a gift to Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc / Playhouse on Park and you have appreciated stock, take advantage of the opportunity to "double" your tax benefits: A charitable deduction, plus avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciation in value of the donated shares. Even if you really like the stock and want to continue to own it, instead of writing your check to Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc, just send us the stock and write your check to your brokerage account to buy the same number of shares that you donated. You get the same deduction for your charitable donation of the stock, your holdings don't change, and you raise your cost basis of your holdings providing tax benefits when you sell. 

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